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Our Philosophy



Zahr Art is a unique fashion and lifestyle online boutique with art flavour and a side of social responsibility. Our collections showcase an eclectic mix of styles from different established and emerging designers from all around the world. You can find all kinds of unique jewelry and women’s accessories in our online fashion store, ranging from statement earrings, rings, cuffs and necklaces to simple studs, band rings and bracelets. You can also find unique handbags, clutches, home ware and much much more. We are committed to showcasing passionate designers who have an important and meaningful message to deliver to the world. We also support disadvantaged artisans including underprivileged women who use their own traditional craftsmanship as a means of survival which ensures a stable income, and leads to the preservation of their craft.



Most of our pieces are exquisite handmade products that have been selected with great care. We stock limited pieces from each design so that you will always be able to find something unique and different. We are of the firm belief that a girl should stand out from the crowd! We ensure our local customer here in Dubai, UAE and worldwide customers secure payment and quick delivery as we stock most of the items locally.




At ZahrArt, we strive to bring uniqueness and individuality to our customers by offering distinct and chic  pieces whilst also shedding light on the positive aspect of ethical trade. In today's fast paced world which emphasizes mass production, we look for customers who still appreciate the art and beauty of handmade goods. These exceptional artistic pieces embody meaning and significance, each of which reflects a personalized story. We do our utmost to highlight personality and originality, concentrating on products designed and produced by talented and passionate individuals.