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Zahr or Zahra, which translates into “flower” in Arabic, is a symbol of beauty and purity which is the core philosophy of our business. Zahra is also the name of my late mother who was a very special person and had a significant influence on me.  As the principal of a school for almost three decades, she was always involved in her community at a grass-root level striving to bring about social change. She was also a person who truly appreciated art and loved everything that is beautiful. This e-boutique is dedicated to her and her vision of bringing about real positive change in her community and beyond.


“Beauty shall save the world” is a quote taken from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel, The Idiot. We believe it is the best illustration of what we are ideally striving to achieve with our business: use the power of art and its beauty to reinvent the market and hopefully make a difference.